The Great Wall of China – travel photography blog

•January 23, 2011 • 1 Comment

It is no great secret that I love to travel.  After soo many of my friends had been to China for both work and play I was dying to go!  By a stroke of luck, in planning another holiday that went astray (due to leaving things to the last minute – story of my life) I was able to head to Beijing and Shanghai!  The trip was seriously amazing and I will definitely be back but maybe next time not in the heat of the humid summer that is August in China….   maybe i should put it back on the cards for April 2012?  Who’s with me?

The Great Wall of China



I am pulling out of the Procrastination Station

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How addicted to your iPhone are you? I wonder if I have a normal amount of addiction or if I am far gone – I think I may be far gone! Okay I know I am far gone – I stopped this post twice to check out my favourite app.  I am soo addicted to Instagram.

I love this app  for the community it has created.  My friend transitionpete said that he suffered from chronic procrastinitis and I loved it!  I  call myself miss major procrastinator – but to put a name to my disease make me feel oh so better!  My friends it is time to get help, I know it’s going to be a slow process – it can’t be fixed overnight but it can happen right?  Maybe? Perhaps?  But just in case I can’t be fixed –  if you do have an iPhone – get the Instagram app and friend me @trayc :)

Spring Carnival 2010 – Melbourne Cup (photographs from the carnival)

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Stakes Day - Spring Carnival 2010

Melbourne Spring Carnival - The Birdcage

Melbourne Cup 2010 - the big race

Melbourne Cup 2010

Spring Racing Melbourne

November is nothing in Melbourne without the Spring Racing Carnival and the Melbourne Cup.  The Cup is a mix of gorgeously dressed people, punters having a bet, a bit of alcohol and everyone enjoying the lovely Spring weather – which in Melbourne is a mix of rain, gale-force winds and sunshine!

AYCJ to Vancouver – travel photography

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I have finally decided to tackle the photos from my last trip, starting with Vancouver.  It took me 3 years to visit friends in Vancouver (just before they we leaving town)  and I can thank JetBlue and my AYCJ pass for getting me there!   Here is the city in pics – including Granville Island, the sculptures by Yue Minjun in Morton Park “A-maze-ing Laughter”, Stanley Park….


Back in Melbourne, Melbourne children’s photographer

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So my whirlwind AYCJ adventure is over and I am back in Melbourne Australia.  So now it’s time to concentrate on portrait photography… and to start things off I am getting ready to change up my website, starting with the cover page… comments, opinions are always welcome!!  And if you happen to be in Melbourne and are in need of some portrait work, give me a call!



First few legs on AYCJ with Jetblue

•September 10, 2010 • 1 Comment

I can’t believe 8 days have already been traveled with the Jetblue pass. So far I have hit up Boston, Chicago, NYC, Coney Island, Vancouver (via Seattle) and I have found some great carousels along the way, caught up with awesome friends I haven’t seen in ages and met some great jetters as well.

So below is a tiny tour of carousels around America.

F is for Ferris Wheels! Can i find some new ones while on AYCJ?

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I am totally psyched to be going back to the States tomorrow and going on a whirlwind tour thanks to Jetblue and my All You Can Jet Pass!!

It’s the perfect timing, I booked my ticket for travel from August 28th to October 4th then I sent Jetblue a twitter note asking them if they were bringing back the AYCJ for 2010… and they told me to “stay tuned”.  Then I took off for a trip to Beijing and Shanghai and luckily I had picked up an Iphone the day before I left for Beijing so whilst sitting in a cafe in Shanghai an email came through about Jetblue releasing their AYCJ… so i took out my trusty amex there and right on the spot without hesitation bought the pass!  Now I have to figure out where to travel and from looking at all the people on Facebook, Twitter, Meetup,  Netsetjet – I am sooo excited for this trip – but having too many choices is making it hard to actually book flights!! I need to just book already!

So back to the title – Ferris Wheels – I love Ferris Wheels and carnivals!!  So I am hoping to find Ferris Wheels and Carnivals on my trip – if anyone has recommendations – pass them my way!!

I have never been to Disneyland so I think it’s about time I hit that little carnival on this trip.  Hopefully I’ll find some cool Ferris Wheels and merry-go-rounds  (like the one below on the Yarra at Birrarung Marr) on this trip.  Oh and I hope to meet some amazing people as well!

Birrarung Marr