I am pulling out of the Procrastination Station

How addicted to your iPhone are you? I wonder if I have a normal amount of addiction or if I am far gone – I think I may be far gone! Okay I know I am far gone – I stopped this post twice to check out my favourite app.  I am soo addicted to Instagram.

I love this app  for the community it has created.  My friend transitionpete said that he suffered from chronic procrastinitis and I loved it!  I  call myself miss major procrastinator – but to put a name to my disease make me feel oh so better!  My friends it is time to get help, I know it’s going to be a slow process – it can’t be fixed overnight but it can happen right?  Maybe? Perhaps?  But just in case I can’t be fixed –  if you do have an iPhone – get the Instagram app and friend me @trayc :)


~ by Little Boxes Photography on December 9, 2010.

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