F is for Ferris Wheels! Can i find some new ones while on AYCJ?

I am totally psyched to be going back to the States tomorrow and going on a whirlwind tour thanks to Jetblue and my All You Can Jet Pass!!

It’s the perfect timing, I booked my ticket for travel from August 28th to October 4th then I sent Jetblue a twitter note asking them if they were bringing back the AYCJ for 2010… and they told me to “stay tuned”.  Then I took off for a trip to Beijing and Shanghai and luckily I had picked up an Iphone the day before I left for Beijing so whilst sitting in a cafe in Shanghai an email came through about Jetblue releasing their AYCJ… so i took out my trusty amex there and right on the spot without hesitation bought the pass!  Now I have to figure out where to travel and from looking at all the people on Facebook, Twitter, Meetup,  Netsetjet – I am sooo excited for this trip – but having too many choices is making it hard to actually book flights!! I need to just book already!

So back to the title – Ferris Wheels – I love Ferris Wheels and carnivals!!  So I am hoping to find Ferris Wheels and Carnivals on my trip – if anyone has recommendations – pass them my way!!

I have never been to Disneyland so I think it’s about time I hit that little carnival on this trip.  Hopefully I’ll find some cool Ferris Wheels and merry-go-rounds  (like the one below on the Yarra at Birrarung Marr) on this trip.  Oh and I hope to meet some amazing people as well!

Birrarung Marr


~ by Little Boxes Photography on August 25, 2010.

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