New blog coming soon!

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I am nearly ready to upload a new user friendly blog!  And while I want this new blog to encompass a lot of things I realize that at times my writing could use a hand so I have enlisted the help of Kristen  She has written the most user friendly guide: Circus Circus! Now sure, I love carnivals so her naming this new project Circus Circus sure was up my alley but the book is an easy read with useful ideas that can be implemented straight away.  In the first chapter, which you can download for free – to see if Kristen is your cup of tea, Kristen talks about your manifesto – when the new blog goes up this will be bang on the front page…

Soo here goes:

I believe people are inherently loving. I make my client’s eyes twinkle by giving timeless but tangible memories to treasure for a lifetime. I believe in spontaneous laughter and real conversations. You are not just my client but my valued friend.

Thanks Kristen for Circus Circus!


Aruba – travel photo blog

•February 16, 2011 • 2 Comments

While Melbourne has had a mixed summer I’m dreaming of the warm water of Aruba.

Aruba Beaches

Aruba Beaches


Aruba Fishing


Aruba Fishing

Aruba Fishing


Aruba Party House on the Sea

Aruba Party House on the Sea


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Twins are twice the cuteness: Melbourne child photographer

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When I was back in Perth in December (yup this post is a long time coming), I visited my friend Natalie and met her children for the first time! Finally timing was on our sides and I got to meet Charlotte, Grace and older brother Julian.  Natalie mentioned how these two little girls when they are next to each other always hold hands, as you can see below as soon as Natalie place them on the same chair together that is just what they did!  Click on the photo to see the full triptych.


Picture perfect – Travel Blog – China – Water town

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Water running down my shoulder blades.

Wishing for an umbrella.

Humidity through the roof.


Water Town near Suzhou, Tongli

Views from a Shanghai Cafe – travel photo blog

•January 29, 2011 • 2 Comments

I love people watching and I love coffee so I obviously love combining to the two.  Check out the peeps on the streets of Shanghai.

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Happy Australia Day

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Wherever you are spending your Australia Day have a good one. I’ll be spending mine in Port Arlington!

xx Trayc

Photo blog travel: The Great Wall, China

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Continuing from yesterday’s blog from the Great Wall here are a few more…  The first photo is part of the Ming Tombs (which when you hop on a tourist bus to get to the Great Wall is something you cannot get out of,  but to be fair I kinda liked it) the rest are the Great Wall at the Badaling section of the wall.